September 30, 2016

10 Picks For Fall

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Fall is here. And this time, it’s really here— the weather has actually dropped below 75 degrees and the pumpkins have left the patches. Hallelujah.

This means that my morning coffee ritual has changed from watching the 7 o’clock news while checking emails, to watching the 7 o’clock news while browsing the web for all things fall. I’ve discovered pin-worthy pumpkin recipes and created a wish-list so long even Donald Trump couldn’t afford it.

In fact, I’m writing this while pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are baking in the oven (maybe I’ll share the recipe, maybe).

Pumpkin and sugary goodness aside, I love fall for all of the trendy, cozy styles that come with it. Bring on the gem-colored hues, hats, shag cardigans, button-up-skirts, boots and leather weather.

As of late, I’ve mastered the whole homeless-athleisure look— you know, the top-knot, leggings, graphic tank, I probably won’t leave the couch today uniform. I am happy to announce that I am ready to break-up with my Netflix-grunge style and trade it in for a cozy-boho-chic look for fall. That in itself calls for a glass of champagne and an online shopping spree, right?

Here are some of my current fall favorites (maybe you’ll have better luck pulling the trigger and buying it all than I have);

  1. Project Social T Falling For You Lace Up Top — can I get an amen for casual chic?
  2. Free People Magic Mystery Tunic — if wanting this style in two colors is wrong, I don’t want to be right
  3. The Brixton Tara Hat — how many hats are too many? (none)
  4. BB Dakota Jack Faux Suede Mini + Gretal Top — this combo is everything
  5. Vanessa Mooney Gold Ring Choker — usually I get claustrophobic when things are too tight around my neck (I watch a lot of Law & Order), but I can make an exception for this choker
  6. Ecote Metal-Tipped Leather Belt  I bought this mid-blog, because I needed it, oops
  7. Sam Edelman Blake Bootie — these give me life
  8. Free People Mason Western Bootie — if I’m being completely honest, these may or may not be too cool for me, but they were totally noteworthy
  9. Amuse Society Harti Woven Tank — paired with a black choker, so much yes
  10. Billabong Winter’s Tale Plaid Shirtdress — the inner beach-babe in me loves a good Billabong piece

xx, jordan


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