August 11, 2016

10 Simple Ways To Mix Up Your Workout Routine


There are days that I would rather binge eat chips and salsa and down a pitcher of margaritas than workout. And then there are days when I wake up before the sun, run a half marathon and then go surfing after (because why not). It’s called balance, right?

Lately, surfing the web and watching the Olympians kick ass in Rio sounds way more appealing than kicking my own butt into gear. But I have a half marathon in three and a half weeks, so turning into a sloth with a sleeping disorder and gaining 10 pounds isn’t really an option (buzz kill, I know).

Thankfully, moving to a new town has changed the way I work out— you know, new gym, new running trails, new swim team, new routes to the closest taqueria. I’m really diggin’ the change of pace, and switching things up is kinda my jam lately.


So here we are. After a few killer workouts the last couple of days, I’m sharing 10 simple ways to mix it up and get motivated (or what’s worked for me, anyway);

  1. Take your workout outside— Log off, unplug, sweat it out, soak up the sun and breathe in the fresh air. This will do wonders for your bod (and sanity).
  2. Try something new— Take surfing lessons, or try a new yoga class to spice things up. I want to try cycling or kickboxing at my new gym, someone hold me accountable for that.
  3. Reward yourself (but not with food)— I like to reward myself with clothes, or new running shoes (my bank account doesn’t always agree). Check out With Love From Paradise for the cutest workout apparel that will actually make you want to workout. Win-win.
  4. Change of scenery— Try a new running trail, go for a hike, or try an open water swim in your local lake or ocean. I swear it makes the workout go by faster when you have new things to look at.
  5. Set a schedule (and don’t bail)— When I am dreading a workout, I set a time that I have to be out the door by. This makes it easier to get off the couch and into a routine.
  6. Try an at-home workout— OK, I know there are days when getting out of the house is near impossible. When that’s the case, try an at-home workout (browse YouTube) and get it done in under 30 minutes.
  7. Find a workout bestie— This happens to be my boyfriend. Making a commitment to meet at the gym after work makes it more fun, misery loves company (am I right?).
  8. Set a goal— For me, signing up for a half marathon or triathlon makes it easier to workout. Mostly because it forces me to train. Try signing up for a local 5k or set a realistic goal in the gym.
  9. Create a new playlist— I compile a “running” playlist of my favorite songs, new and old, and I only allow myself to listen to it when I am actually running. It gets me excited to get out the door and go for a long run so I can rock out.
  10. Switch it up— I’m going to state the obvious, doing the same thing every day gets old. If you’re training for a half marathon, cross-training is your friend here. I try to swim every other day, to give my muscles a break from running and mix it up a bit.

Now it’s time to put my money where my mouth is, I’m headed out for a run.

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xx, jordan


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