May 16, 2016

California Goes Southern

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I am a California girl to the core– a free-spirited, ocean loving, spoiled by the (mostly) warm weather, bikini and cut-offs kinda gal. It’s safe to say that I don’t ever see myself moving out of state, but my inner wanderlust has this wild thirst for travel and a love for cities I’ve never explored. So, in the spirit of good adventure I hopped on a plane and took off to Dallas, Texas (where everything actually is bigger).


California goes southern, follow along.

There is so much to do (and eat) in Texas that I was having some serious anxiety about not being able to fit everything in to our five day stay. We ate heavy meals three (sometimes four) times a day, just so that we could experience the south in all of it’s yummy glory. We slept in and brunched hard. We pretended like we were 21 years old again and drank our way through Dallas (seriously), stopping at all of the cutest outdoor bars. And of course, we acted like the true tourists we were and hit some key sight-seeing spots and activities. So, here it goes;



We stayed at the NYLO Hotel in Dallas. I picked this boutique hotel nestled in the South Side of Dallas because it was affordable, close enough to everything, and it had an insane rooftop pool (and bar) with the absolute best views of Dallas. The staff was incredible, the decor was fun and the food was to-die-for. Five stars all around for the NYLO.



Like I said, there is so much to do in Dallas. Thankfully, one of my best girlfriends lives there, so we had a jam-packed itinerary planned. I highly recommend stopping by a couple of these places for a good day-buzz and night-time play;

Deep Ellum Brewing Company – You can’t really go wrong with Deep Ellum Brewing Company, seriously. Between the fun wall-art, the local brews and the bar jenga, it’s a no-brainer. Plus, you can snag three beers for $15 (and you get to keep your beer glass). Win-win.

Bishop Arts District Wall – Dallas has some of the coolest wall-art that I have ever seen. It really adds a unique flare to the city. If you’re traveling with a significant other (or bestie), you have to go to this insta-worthy wall in the Bishop Arts District. Grab a coffee and walk around, it’s the cutest.


Billy Bob’s – If you like cowboys, country music, line dancing, beer and BBQ then you have to make a trip out to Billy Bob’s. It’s about 40 minutes away from Dallas, in Fort Worth, but it’s totally worth it if western bars are your thing. Billy Bob’s is like the Disneyland of all Honky Tonks.

Tacos & Tequila – I love me some good tequila, and T&T’s is the holy grail. They have tequila flights for $11 and probably one of the best margaritas I’ve ever had. Me gusta.


The Standard Pour – If Moscow Mules are your jam, then you’ll love The Standard Pour in Uptown. These giant mules come in the biggest copper mug you will ever see, and serve 8-10 people. Thank me later.

Top Golf – Golf is not something that gets me excited, but Top Golf is a game changer (literally). Think bowling meets driving range, but with bartenders. It’s awesome.

The Grove at Harwood – Adult snow cones, live music, hammocks, and corn-hole. Enough said.


All of the food in Dallas is incredible. I think I gained 15 pounds in the five days that I was there. These were my favs;


Anvil Pub – Brunch is like a religion in Dallas, and rightfully so. If you like loaded mimosas or a solid bloody, you have to go to Anvil Pub and order their F*ck Brunch drink. Their mimosas, bloodies, and screw-drivers come in a 32 oz. mason jar topped with a breakfast sandwich, donut, tater tots and a beer on the side. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

The Rustic – If you like a good restaurant with the cutest western-boho decor, a stage and live music, plenty of outdoor seating and a yummy menu, The Rustic is your place. I was obsessed, and you will be too.

Whataburger – Texans love their Whataburger. In fact, they claim it’s better than our In N Out Burger. I’m biased, so I’ll let you try it for yourself and decide.

Pecan Lodge – Full-disclaimer, mounds of pork and beef are not my thing, but this place is real good. I am no meat-lover, but Pecan Lodge is known for their award winning BBQ and their Mac N’ Cheese is seriously mouth-watering. Just go, now.

Oddfellows – When in Texas, you do as the Texans do. I’m talkin’ chicken and waffles. I never pegged myself as a chicken and waffles gal, but I kinda fell in love with what Oddfellows had to offer. Order one of their fresh Mexican mimosas, too.



There are a ton of historical gold-mines in Texas. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to hit them all, but here are the top three that were on my to-do list;

Texas School Book Depository – We didn’t get to this, and it’s my biggest regret. If you’re in Dallas, go check out the JFK memorial for me.

AT&T Stadium – When you’re traveling with a dude, touring the Cowboys stadium in Arlington is a must.

George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum – Republican or not, this museum breaks down a lot of US history, including 9/11.

Any Dallas locals or frequent visitors? Tell me what I missed in the comments below.

xx, jordan


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