April 28, 2016

Diy Fiesta-ing + Siesta-ing

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Last week I was all over California (literally, from Los Angeles to San Francisco and everywhere in-between), which has left me with a pretty gnarly cold and little-to-no energy. However, in the midst of the Kleenex and chaos, I am planning a birthday fiesta with a beach vibe for me and one of my best babes (a little party never killed nobody, right?).

I love a good fiesta-themed party, and I love it even more now that Etsy has everything you could ever need to party like there’s no mañana. Still, the creativity in me was running wild and I was dying to do a few DIY projects to add my own boho-glam twist to the party. So, despite my killer cough, there was a lot of fiesta-ing (and siesta-ing, because hello– I’m sick) goin’ on this week.

Join me for two fiesta-themed projects– 1) piñatas 2) food tags

DIY Piñatas

I was having a hard time finding mini-piñatas that matched the color-scheme I was going for and had almost given up on them completely, which would have been tragic. It wasn’t until I was aimlessly strolling through Target (naturally) that I decided I would make my own.


What you’ll need; 1) mini-piñatas, I got mine for $2 each at Target 2) tissue paper in the colors of your choice 3) scissors 4) double-sided tape

First, I ripped all of the tacky-colored tissue paper off of the original piñata so that it was just the bare, cardboard donkey.

Next, cut the tissue paper into 1″ strips and fringe (fringe scissors work well, but regular scissors get the job done). Starting from the bottom of the donkey, use the double-sided tape to attach the fringed-tissue paper to the bare piñata. Repeat the fringing and place each new strip overlapping the one before it.

Hint: there is no “right” or “wrong” way to place your tissue paper– get creative with ombre or mimic the original pattern of the store-bought piñata.

Continue these steps on all sides of the piñata until the entire donkey is covered.

That’s all there is to it (time consuming, but easy). Te gusta?


DIY Corona Bottle Food Name Tags

For this particular fiesta, we’ll be having a self-serve taco bar and margarita station, so I wanted a creative way to call out the food and drink options. Corona bottles seemed like the obvious answer, because who doesn’t love a colorful cerveza?


What you’ll need; 1) empty corona bottles 2) acrylic paint in the colors of your choice 3) name tags 4) a sharpie or marker for labeling the tags

First, empty the corona bottles (the perfect excuse to make my go-to guac recipe + drink some beers). Rinse the bottles out a few times in the sink and leave them to dry– you’ll want the inside of the bottle to be completely dry, so give yourself an extra day or two.

Next, take your paint and pour it into the mouth of the bottle. Roll the bottle around until the paint is evenly distributed and the entire inside of the bottle is covered in color (this takes patience). Repeat for each bottle– I used 6 bottles, and 3 different colors.

Set the bottles upside-down (outside), allowing any excess paint to drain out, and let them dry (this may take several hours). Once they are dry, you can add the name tags around the neck of the bottles (mini-sombreros optional).


Me llamo, tequila.

Stay tuned for a full post on the complete beach fiesta, coming soon (just in time for Cinco de Mayo).

xx, jordan


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