April 18, 2016

I Have Sea Foam In My Veins

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Let me start by saying, I am not a stressful person. There are a few (okay, a lot) of things that give me anxiety, like being late, unwarranted heart palpitations and paying my credit card bills– but I don’t tend to stress the day-to-day. I have a go-with-the-flow kinda job, a steady paycheck, a roof over my head (that I share with my super-supportive boyfriend), healthy family and friends, and an active lifestyle that keeps my brain in check. So generally speaking, stress is a non-issue.

With that said, I have a lot going on (like, a lot). Life as of late has me all over the place– I’m here, I’m there, I’m kinda everywhere. When life has me worn thin, there are four things that help restore my sanity; the ocean, a long run, a strong hug and a good beer.

Yesterday, I spent the day on the beach. I ate breakfast by myself at a teeny-tiny cafe on the water, chased the waves, collected seashells, and took a life-changing siesta in the sun (seriously, it was the best ever). I rolled my windows down, turned the music up, and threw my to-do list right off that sea-side cliff.

Sometimes, a trip to the ocean is in order to help you remember why you started this journey in the first place.

That salty water inspires me. It forces me to breathe. It makes me feel tiny, creative, and humble. It calms any lingering anxiety. The ocean speaks to me, and I’m fairly certain I have sea foam in my veins. It helps me get back to me when I’m feeling overwhelmed. The ocean just makes me really, really happy.

So here we are. I started this blog with the hopes to inspire like-minded people, and despite my whirlwind schedule and occasional anxiety attacks (I’m human), I am over the moon to share my journey with you.

Stay tuned for upcoming travels, a how-to on throwing a fiesta with a beach vibe, health + fitness tips and some real exciting brand collaborations.

xx, jordan


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