April 9, 2016

Health Benefits Of The Ocean


The salty breeze, palm trees and a sandy sunset– it’s enough to draw anyone to the ocean. But what actually keeps people coming back with that lingering thirst for the sea?

Is it that euphoric feeling associated with a strong pina colada and your toes in the sand? Is it jumping on your surfboard and chasing the swells until the sun disappears on the horizon? Are you a seasoned collector of seashells by the seashore? Or is it the sound of the waves as they kiss the sand?


Whatever the reason, I’m about to give you one more– the ocean is loaded with tons of health and beauty benefits. Contrary to popular belief, the ocean does more than just clear the mind. Here are 10 benefits of the sea;


  1. The ocean gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t (am I right, Elle Woods?)
  2. The minerals in the ocean water refresh your skin by exfoliating and detoxifying, giving you an au-naturel glow that will make all of your coworkers envious
  3. Sun-kissed skin is the only accessory you need (note: just don’t forget the SPF)
  4. Just by being on the coast, under those golden rays, you’re contributing to your daily recommended Vitamin D (and vitamin “sea”) intake
  5. The cold salt water reduces inflammation and is said to help with injury– if you’re anything like me and suffer from shin splints, try a dip in the ocean after a long run
  6. The sand exfoliates your feet and legs, therefore acting like a pedicure without having to pay a penny (and come on, who doesn’t love a pedicure?)
  7. Salt water works better than your average face wash to open up your pores, allowing your skin to soak up all of nature’s necessary nutrients
  8. The sea salt gives your hair to-die-for mermaid waves and crazy volume that no store-bought spray can replicate (no matter how much they charge)
  9. The vitamins, micro-organisms, minerals and elements in that salty water help boost your immune system
  10. The best part? drum roll please– it’s free!


The cure for anything is salt water; sweat, tears or the sea (so they say, anyway).

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Photos: Daphne Mae Photography

xx, jordan


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