April 6, 2016

Diy Seashells + Succulents

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I’m a total sucker for succulents. I don’t know if it’s their subtle hues borrowed from the sea, that they remind me of my family’s beach house nestled in the Monterey dunes, or the fact that they require little-to-no maintenance to keep them alive– but something about these little guys make my heart swoon.

I am a firm believer that plants bring life to any space (literally). More specifically, succulents add a simple boho-beach vibe while creating a more airy, fresh environment. It’s an easy way to give your home a quick face-lift without maxing out your credit card at West Elm (trust me, I’ve done both). And did I mention that it’s really hard to kill a succulent? Like really hard. It’s a win-win on all accounts.

I am always looking for unique ways to pair succulent arrangements with cacti to mix the contrast in textures. You know, kinda like Big Sur meets Palm Springs. If the ocean and the desert had a baby, it would look a lot like my living room.

Plants aside, it’s always fun to find new planter ideas to put your own spin on succulents. I’m a big fan of metallics mixed with the traditional terra cotta pots because it adds a little gypsy-glam to the room. However, these days people are getting uuber-creative when their green thumb kicks in. You’ll find succulents growing in recycled wine bottles, geometric terrariums, hanging crocheted planters and even driftwood.

Naturally, I had to use a seashell.

Grab a beer from the fridge, lay down a Mexican blanket in the sun and join me for a seashells and succulents DIY;


This do-it-yourself project is so quick, it literally took me five minutes– which bought me an extra 15-minutes to kick up my feet, soak up the sun and admire my new patio table centerpiece.

First, you’ll need a seashell. Being the ocean-lover that I am, I already had this big guy on-hand in DIY limbo-land, waiting for the perfect project. The seashell pictured is about a 11″ long, so I figured I had room for 3-4 mini-succulents.

Next, pick out your succulents. Due to the limited space, I chose plants with a little length so that they’d poke out of the shell nicely.


Starting with one succulent, transfer it into the opening of the conch-shell, pushing the dirt and roots deep into the shell. Arrange the other two succulents to the left, filling in the remainder of the opening.

Note: in order for the succulents to grow, the dirt from all 3 plants needs to be compact and secure. I used my fingers to combine the dirt and pat it down.


After your arrangement is complete, give the plants a little water in their new home. The key to succulent survival is to avoid over-watering. I try to water mine once a week, or every 10 days.

Now comes the fun part– bring your lunch outside, crack open another beer, snap an insta-worthy photo (or two) and enjoy this super hot spring afternoon (it’s 91 degrees in California).

xx, jordan


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